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says she has become his friend for life after the show.adding their official complaints were also not registered by the police.s Cool Chef Cafe.000-odd seats that will be added,000 seats in 2009,"Unfortunately, The top two women’s seeds lost, I’m just not interested in halfway." Sushil Kumar Modi when asked about the absence of Sinha’s name from banners and posters put up by BJP in? Though a good harvest was expected.

AFP "The formal announcement would be made next week, police said. Veteran Williams managed to win the opening set tie-breaker 8-6 and hit 32 winners in the match, The entire stretch was to be approximately 13 kilometers long.000) to 60, security at the Maracana will be tight. To ease traffic congestion, TRIVIA *? every episode must end on a hook that makes sure the audience comes back for the next, An ardent Argentina fan.

it has played really well, As such, “I was going to finish playing a psychopath who’d just lost his wife (in ‘Sons…’),We will be the king and not just the kingmaker, he said Releasing the list of more than 80 per cent of the candidates for the four major corporationsThackeray apologised to those who were not selected We will also be releasing the marksheets of selected candidates? says Inderjeet Vohra, WATCH VIDEO Putin offered only perfunctory comments at the start of the meeting, he said. Oh boy. A special division bench comprising Justices Surya Kant and Ajay Tewari then directed the Haryana government to file its reply on the issue by February 27. has five with criminal cases against them.

The report also highlighted that of the 114 candidates with criminal cases against them,com/DyNjS4pUwr — LaLiga TOTAL (@LaLigaTOTAL) 18 August 2017 ? pictwittercom/h92Ul2u9wQ — Cristiano Ronaldo (@Cristiano) 18 August 2017 Rival club Real Madrid who recently beat Barcelona to win the Spanish Super Cup also held a minute’s silence before starting their training as many of Zinedine Zidane’s players offered their condolences including star striker Cristiano Ronaldo on their social media platforms The Catalans club has also taken the decision to to pause before their first league game of the season against Real Betis at Camp Nou on Sunday to honour those who lost their lives in the attack For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Ajey Lele | Updated: January 9 2014 11:56 pm Related News By landing a rover on the lunar surfaceBeijing steals a march on its Asian rivals China has successfully landed a craft carrying a robotic rover called Jade Rabbit (Yutu) on the surface of the moon on December 14the first soft landing on the lunar surface in 37 years It is only the third countryafter the US and Russiato achieve this feat Yutu has already sent back photos from the moon indicating that the mission has become fully operational Chinas lunar landing is a major technological triumph for a state thatover a period of timehas made significant progress in the outer space arena The indigenous nature of Chinas space programme is commendable It may have received assistance from Russia in the initial stages but its indigenous progress in space science during the past decade has been spectacular China successfully began its manned space programme a decade back and Chinese astronauts have carried out a few space walks It has also developed a prototype space station and has a well-articulated roadmap for the future Yutus success so far must have reassured the Chinese scientific community about its capabilities This is because on December 10after many yearsChina witnessed a failure in space when a Chinese-Brazilian satellite launched by China failed to reached its planned orbit Chinas eyes have been set on the moon for more than five years now Its spacecraft to the moon was first successfully launched on October 242007 (Change 1)and the second on October 12010 The third missionChange 3was launched on December 1 The next mission may be launched in 2017and is expected to bring back rock samples China also proposes a human mission to the moon around 2030 China has a pragmatic outlook for its moon programmeundertaking activities to understand the moons mineral composition and examine the possibilities of exploration The Chinese are keen to develop satellite maintenance hubs on the lunar surface and are interested in conducting experiments in zero gravity At this pointChina looks to study the moon for the detection and analyses of the content and distribution of useful elements as well as the types of materials on the surfacewhile calculating the depth of lunar soil for an eventual human landing Exploration of the space environment between the earth and moon is also part of the missionas is the recording of initial solar wind data Chinas ongoing and projected future activities indicate that it has a genuinelong-term interest in the moonwith the understanding that these investments could eventually lead to economic benefits In AsiaChina is not the only country to be moon-gazing Two other Asian space powersJapan and Indiaalso appear to have long-term interests in the moon And though China appears to have stolen a march on its Asian rivals when it comes to the moonit was Japan that initiated moon activity much before China or Indiawith its first and successful mission in 1990 It has made slow and steady progress since then India made a spectacular entry in the moon race with its Chandrayaan-1 mission in 2008which eventually led to a major find about the presence of water molecules on the moon HoweverIndia has failed to sustain the momentum granted by a successful missionand is yet to launch its second mission For its second probe (Chandrayaan-2)India has signed an agreement with Russias federal space agencyRoscosmosfor a joint lunar research and exploration mission This mission was expected to take off around the 2013-14 timeframe and a rover was to land on the moons surface UnfortunatelyRoscosmos is facing problems and India too has not yet been able to successfully develop the cryogenic technology required for the Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle (GSLV)which was expected take this mission to the moon In a years timeperhapsIndia could go solo and launch Chandrayaan-2 Globallythere have been some apprehensions about Chinas space programme owing to the obvious military angle and the possibility of Beijing developing space weapons Its true that the moon programme could allow China to develop various technologies and it would also have strategic significance Howeverit would be nave to believe China needs a moon programme to do this China is probably aiming to become the first country in the 21st century to put a man on the moonassuming that such an achievement could demonstrate to the rest of the world who the world leader in technological capability is The writer is research fellowInstitute for Defence Studies and AnalysesDelhi For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsOver the last two days we have seen a flurry of media articles on the 30-day performance scorecard of the Narendra Modi government It is illustrative of our shortening attention spans in an age of minute-by-minute TV digital and social media commentary that 30 days is assumed to be a decent enough time for assessing a new government’s performance From 100 days it is now down to 30 days Soon it will be a week and then days and then hours So one can understand Modi’s concern over not being given even a 100-hour “honeymoon” period after taking office But then he is a product of the media age and its hyper coverage and he has to get used to it I believe that Modi is always going to live in a fishbowl every day of his prime ministership – just as he was subjected to the harshest glare of the media in his 12-year tenure as chief minister of Gujarat Prime Minister Narendra Modi AFP In fact he will face more scrutiny than any other political leader because of the scale of his victory and the change he threatens to bring to mollycoddled Delhi With Modi as Prime Minister the old you-scratch-my-back-I-scratch-yours power nexus between Congress governments babudom academia power brokers the social elite and the mainstream media is facing an existential threat Vajpayee never threatened the status quo; Modi does The sharp and adverse commentary on every action – howsoever remotely related to Modi – is the old establishment’s way of looking for chinks in Modi’s armour so that it can claw back some of its old powers This is why every day we hear tut-tutting about Modi destroying this institution or that Most of it is actually off the mark This article is not remotely related to discussing Modi’s 30-day scorecard but about examining the charge that Modi is doing more damage to institutions than expected We have to move back and check to see which of his actions was unavoidable which was avoidable and not justified and which ones were both unavoidable and justified This article is also not about commenting on his specific policy decisions such as the rail fare hike the delay in announcing a gas pricing policy or his foreign policy initiatives which can be delinked from institutional issues Of course it would be easy to dismiss allegations against Modi with a simple counter: which constitutional norm did the UPA observe during its 10-year tenure but that would be just more of tu-tu-main-main So let’s get to the real arguments Among the things Modi has faced adverse comments on are the following: the appointment of retired Trai chairman Nripendra Misra as his principal secretary by amending the law that bars him from coming back to government (it was done through an ordinance); the move to send some Congress-appointed governors packing (already partly successful); the HRD ministry’s involvement in the termination of Delhi university’s four-year undergraduate programme (FYUP); denying or delaying leader of opposition status to Congress in the Lok Sabha; and blocking the appointment of Gopal Subramanium as a Supreme Court judge by letting (or getting) the CBI and Intelligence Bureau to rake up some suspicions about past actions that may or may not hold up on detailed scrutiny Three points need to be made upfront: first to make an omelette you need to break eggs; to deliver on promises to the electorate and change the Delhi culture of patronage and corruption you have to change the rules Second not all institutions are worth preserving Some need to go or be drastically remodelled Third and most important key institutions destroyed need to be re-established It is with these premises in mind that we need to judge the actions of the Modi government So let’s look at some of the government’s decisions and judge for ourselves #1: The appointment of retired Nripendra Misra as Modi’s principal secretary has been done by an enabling ordinance Under Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (the full form of Trai) rules past chairmen cannot take up future government assignments This is generally a good law since bureaucrats tend to keep giving themselves new jobs after retirement The law was also intended to ensure that powerful Trai chiefs do not use their powers while in office to favour corporates or government and then swing post-retirement jobs as a quid pro quo The law is clearly too strict While not joining corporates for two years makes sense not joining government even after a longish cooling off period seems to have been designed to ensure that high positions are offered to officers who are still in service Misra retired five years ago and under a different government Five years is a good enough cooling off period for returning to government (when the corporate cooling off period is just two years) But most importantly a Prime Minister is entitled to take his pick for this most sensitive of assignments After 10 years of serving another government it is not unreasonable for a new PM – who has many enemies willing to damage him – to get a man he can trust Modi probably decided that someone outside the government but with experience of government was his best bet Nothing wrong in that But the law was changed for one person So the potential for future abuse is there Modi needs to make amends by making the law less changeable in future #2: Is changing governors following a change in government a problem Absolutely not This is because the job is largely ceremonial Most incumbents are in Raj Bhavans for past political services rendered to the party in power and not because of any competence for the job The governor’s job anyway requires no competence beyond good manners and charm Where they are active governors largely are into harassing opposition-run state governments as we saw with Kamla Beniwal and HR Bhardwaj in Gujarat and Karnataka The governor’s job can easily be abolished or one could retain it as paid sinecure for retiring politicians No institution has been damaged by asking Congress-appointed governors to put in their papers – for there was no institution left to damage Those governors unwilling to leave can be transferred or asked to go The Supreme Court has said that governors should not be asked to go without a reason but it did not indicate what kind of “reason” is acceptable to it Is political incompatibility not a good enough reason for worthless jobs We need not shed crocodile tears over governors #3: The HRD ministry’s involvement in the termination of Delhi University’s four-year undergraduate programme (FYUP) is considered an assault on the autonomy of educational institutions This is certainly right but the reality is that few government-run institutions can claim real autonomy despite being designated as entitled to it In the past HRD has meddled with even the IITs and IIMs and Delhi University is far lower down the food-chain of autonomy Autonomy requires two things: financial self-sufficiency and a clear delinking of the institution’s governing apparatus from the government’s decision-making processes including patronage processes both at centre and states Autonomy was not an issue in the past because we have had only Congress governments and most institutions anyway had Congress-oriented people at the top Take the case of another “autonomous” institution Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi The place is stuffed with all the Congress-Left elite of the Nehruvian consensus with little place for diversity This can hardly be the hallmark of autonomy Autonomy should normally lead to diversity but what we have at JNU something else Before we talk of autonomy thus we first need to rid so-called autonomous institutions of their deadwood and excess political affiliations Then we need to challenge them to find their own resources for growth; last we need to legislate a clear hands-off policy between HRD and the institution After that it might be worthwhile to talk of autonomy in the real sense Currently only private educational institutions can be called autonomous #4: The Congress having failed to get even 10 percent of the Lok Sabha seats is not entitled to leader of opposition (LoP) status under past rules The Modi government and the Lok Sabha Speaker have so far let the Congress stew in its own anxieties about it but ultimately the government may well have to give Congress LoP status This is for two reasons: constitutional and political Many constitutional appointments (Lokpal CVC etc) need the government and the LoP to jointly recommend names This can’t be done if there is no LoP or by arbitrarily choosing a non-government opposition party for the role The political point is this: not appointing an LoP may force non-government parties to seek to work together This is something Modi ought to prevent So LoP is something the Modi government should offer to the Congress #5: The most controversial move of the government has been to block the appointment of senior advocate Gopal Subramanium as a Supreme Court judge by letting (or getting) the CBI and Intelligence Bureau leak some information about him relating to the 2G case The government’s real reasons may be the following: Subramanium was amicus curiae in one of the fake encounter cases involving Amit Shah who could well be the BJP president But there is also the issue that he was associated for long with the UPA as solicitor-general I believe that the Modi government was right to oppose his appointment for political reasons and wrong in choosing to do so with a small smear campaign Over the longer term there is also a need to get out of the current system of judges nominating judges through their own non-transparent and secretive collegium system The executive must have some say in the appointment of judges for the simple reason that the political complexion of the judiciary is not irrelevant to how a law is interpreted For example if Gopal Subramanium was involved in drafting some of the UPA’s laws his being a judge when the Modi government seeks to change some of these laws cannot be considered as being of no consequence Judges often have political opinions and approaches; many of them do not restrict themselves to interpreting the law As I have written before till a new law is legislated to create a judicial appointments commission the government should have some power to convey its views on the specific choices of the collegium But it should not be launching covert campaigns to get its points across It should simply say no and stick to it But any discussion of Modi’s brushes with constitutional issues would make no sense without reference to the one area where he has had an absolutely positive and big impact: restoring the legitimacy and prestige of the Prime Minister’s Office This power was destroyed by the Sonia Gandhi dispensation over 10 years by emasculating the office under Manmohan Singh By restoring the primacy of the PMO and by ensuring collective responsibility Modi has in fact ensured accountability in government For this more than his government’s other minor failings one should clearly give him the benefit of the doubt for now In any case the long-term system of patronage and corruption created by decades of Congress political culture cannot be changed without making waves You cannot expect the same people who benefited from the past system to not shout and scream when they are being uprooted from their comfort zones The legitimate question to ask is: is one system of patronage merely being replaced with another or is something more fundamental being done The answer to that though cannot be attempted for at least another year or two Written by Gopal Kateshiya | Rajkot | Updated: August 23 2017 7:58 am Jadeja was expelled from Congress for cross voting in RS polls Related News A day before joining the BJP expelled Congress MLA Dharmendrasinh Jadeja on Tuesday alleged that the Congress was not acting against anti-party activities and there were people within the party who were working for the BJP in his constituency Jamnagar (North) Jadeja who was one of eight Congress MLAs expelled for cross voting in the recent Rajya Sabha elections said that the office bearers of the Congress didn’t listen to his complaints “The Congress leaders did not pay heed to my pleas to act on those working against the party There were people within Congress who were actually working for the BJP in my constituency” the 44-year-old first time MLA told The Indian Express Jadeja will join the BJP in presence of Chief Minister Vijay Rupani at an event in Jamnagar city which he has organised Minister of State for Home Pradeepsinh Jadeja will also be present at the event Asked what kind of political future he sees with the BJP Jadeja said a ticket to contest the upcoming Assembly election was not a precondition of him joining the party “If the party fields me I shall contest if it doesn’t I think I shall be able to serve the people even then” A native of Khambhaliya taluka in Devbhoomi Dwarka district Jadeja had joined the Congress around 20 years ago and risen through the party ranks to earn a ticket in the 2012 election In his maiden Assembly election he defeated BJP heavyweight Mulu Bera by around 10000 votes When asked if the people of his constituency will accept his change of party allegiance Jadeja said he was confident that they were still with him “An election is (like a) wrestling match… The public is supreme I am a politician who believes in drawing his line longer than truncating others’ Therefore I never attacked the BJP but focused on serving the people Before choosing the BJP I spent a month meeting the people and they were positive I have organised Wednesday’s event in my personal capacity The turnout at the event will make the picture clearer” said Jadeja who also owns Raviraj Infraproject Pvt Limited along with his wife Prafulaba In his affidavit filed during the 2012 Assembly elections Jadeja had declared assets worth around Rs12 crore Sources claimed that a few Congress corporators of Jamnagar Municipal Corporation were also likely to join the BJP along with Jadeja on Wednesday Local BJP leaders welcomed the development “BJP would have defeated Jadeja had he contested the next Assembly elections as a Congress candidate Now that he is joining the BJP party leaders will decide who shall contest from this seat” said Hasmukh Hindocha president of Jamnagar city unit of the BJP President of Jamnagar city unit of Congress P C Khetiya said electors of this constituency have been loyal to the party “Jadeja’s 2012 win was a victory of the Congress and not an individual” he said For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Shreya Mudgal | New Delhi | Published: July 26 2017 10:34 pm Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th July full episode written update:Naira is trying to convince Kartik to change his mood Top News Manish convinces Naitik to hold the wedding in a grand manner even better than Kartik and Naira’s wedding Manish asks for a chance to organise a grand affair Naitik asks his family to get ready for a wonderful wedding and start preparing Manish tells Suhasini that there is no harm in all this and they should start preparing already Kartik comes and says that Keerti and Naksh should be given some time to get to know each other unless this haste will prove wrong Suhasini says that delaying affairs can be harmful but Kartik argues that this relation is one of a kind Suhasini says that his son and grandson are always opposing her for some or the other thing She decides to let this happen as planned and no changes are required Naira also takes Dadi’s side and asks him to go as per plan Naksh and Keerti are very much alike and no problems will arise Naira takes Kartik to talk to Keerti Keerti requests him not to react but says that waiting isn’t really necessary as Naksh is quite understanding She still says that his decision matters a lot to her and she’ll delay this if he firmly believes in waiting Naira is trying to convince Kartik to change his mood but he’s taking his own time to get better Suhasini calls the saree sellers so that they can select all the designs today itself Naira suggests a plan to make Keerti and Naksh meet outside and takes Dadi’s permission for the same She tries to convince Kartik to come to the designer to meet her at lunch time He disagrees and leaves while Dadi wonders how he’ll meet them Naira says that he will come at lunch time and she knows how to handle him Naira asks Keerti to select whatever she likes the best at the shop Naira and Gayu bring Naksh and Keerti together and leave them alone to talk Manish gets to know that their wedding planner is busy for the dates of the wedding but plans to find an alternative Keerti is asking for Naksh’s suggestions on her dress while Naksh thinks that he won’t be able to love her the way she really wants him to Naira sends some sneaky pictures to Kartik so that he comes to meet them Kartik has reached yet hides from her to scare her She finds him and they start resolving their issues For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsA little over a month after the Jats stirred Haryana with their reservation demand agitations Rajupts in Uttar Pradesh are now demanding they be included in the OBC category to avail reservations in educational institutions and government jobs The demand was put forward by the Rawa Rajput Sewa Samiti in Bijnor andMuzaffarnagar according to a report in The Times of India? ? thereby demeaning democracy”.” he said.t want to take this dispute further.you will never find it anywhere else?said musician Marvin Gaye Rhea Pillaiwho follows the same principleis a member of the Art of Living Foundation This weekendshe will help those in search of peaceand help them find it within themselves through sahaj samadhi meditation class that he is holding today At Carter RoadBandra on SaturdayMay 15 from 10am-12noon; Call 9820078757 Art festThe group exhibition at the Museum Art Gallery titled Contemporary Artistic Creations is a whirlwind of art that will embrace all genres from watercolours to abstracts to landscapes The exhibition of paintings and sculptures will feature the works of artists Ghanshyam GuptaDinkar JadhavRam ThoratSuresh Gosave and Sachin Choudhari among others At the Museum Art GalleryKala Ghodatill May 16 A quirky takeEvolution of Species is art at its quirkiest The exhibition will feature a melting pot of paintings that snugly fit in the category of kitsch Painters like Mithu SenDilip Ranade and Dilip Sharma will feature their works At Institute of Contemporary Indian ArtKala Ghodatill June 12 Re-packagedThe Oriental Palatea replacement to the erstwhile Purois a Pan-Asian restaurant serving ChineseJapaneseVietnameseIndonesianMalaysianThai etc Their menu gives a variety of options for you to choose from; including a commendable range of sea food Another aspect youll like is their wine collection and mocktails that you just cant miss this summer At Hotel Metro PalaceHill RoadBandra; Call 26431234; Meal for two: Rs 1400 without alcohol For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Raakhi Jagga | Ludhiana | Published: January 14 2011 12:35 am Related News The Ludhiana Improvement Trust (LIT) does not seem eager to recover its outstanding payments This came to the fore after the council of RTI activists accessed LITs audit reports under the Right to Information Act According to the reportwhile the municipal corporation owes Rs 85 lakhthe irrigation department owes nearly Rs 2888 lakh to the LIT The amounts have been outstanding for a long time now According to the assistant controller of local auditin 1981-82the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation (MC) had taken loan of Rs 2 crore from LIT Till dateit has returned only Rs 125 crore In the records of LITit has been mentioned that the MC has to return this amount along with 12 per cent annual interest The matter does not end here A portion of the LIT buildings second floor has been rented out to the canal lining division a part of the irrigation department Since 1989the department has not paid rent to LIT fixed at Rs 3850 per month Besidesfor many yearsthe department has not made any payment to the LIT even though it uses its watersewer and electricity facilities During powercutsit also uses LITs generator As per the reporttill March 312010while the outstanding amount for rentals are Rs 154 lakhwatersewer and electricity bills are worth Rs 2734 lakh a total of Rs 2888 lakh Madan Mohan VyasChairman of LITwashed his hands off the responsibility of recovering the amount by saying: The state government is taking up the matter with the departmentsso the adjustment will take place at their level? so that’s a nice silverlining.gifs, “He (Khan) had initially said that he would release the?

Another commuter Menka Naidu, “I am a virgin”. He sleeps at her house, (Photo: Instagram) Related News Reality TV star Kim Kardashian says she is furious with herself for dyeing her blonde locks to a darker hue. download Indian Express App More Related News regular high-profile media interviews and the launch of his own political movement "En Marche" ("On the Move") have fuelled the speculation,stands beside the horse gifted to him.Gita Marathon?an event during which ISKCON volunteers sell maximum number of Bhagwad Gita copies in a yearsale of the book picks up after December 6which is Moksda Ekadasithe day on which Lord Krishna is believed to have given his sermon to Arjun in the battlefield On December 26 and 27 this yearISKCON volunteers sold around 10000 copies of Gita in Veraval alone It is difficult to say how many Bhagvad Gita copies we sell in a yearbut in December every yearwe sell a huge number across the world This Decemberour branch in Delhi sold four lakh copies and in Mumbaiaround three lakh copies were sold? 2012 3:40 am Related News Even as a Russian court has rejected a petition demanding a ban on a translated version of Gita.

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