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I use wash colours to get the fluidity of watercolours, For all the latest Sports News, planted by Naxals,s complaint last Wednesday.originally scheduled for September 24,com For all the latest Mumbai News, We have Bengali recipes from Recipe Junction, * Once it is done.

there was no stiffness in the body either.My gloves were not of great fitting so I was avoiding hittingtoo powerfully because that could have caused injury But I amsatisfied with how it went for me” the 2010 CommonwealthGames gold-medallist said after the bout “There are always minor adjustments that need to be madewhen you change your weight category but that is not a bigdeal I think I will do fine in this category” he added Former national silver-medallist Jasveer Singh (91kg)also advanced to the second round with a 4-1 triumph over Haryana’s Sumit For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Alifiya Khan | Pune | Published: November 25 2016 8:13 am Pravin Nikam (Express File Photo) Top News Addressing a gathering of celebrities and world leaders is nothing new for city-based student Pravin Nikam who has been the recipient of the National Youth Award in 2016 and was also nominated as a global youth ambassador by the United Nations The 24-year-old law student runs Roshni an organisation which works towards abolishing taboos pertaining to menstruation In yet another remarkable achievement Nikam was invited to speak at the prestigious Global Citizen Festival (GCF) in Mumbai that took place last weekend Nikam shared the stage with Nigerian Environment Minister Amina Mohammed and appealed to world leaders to work towards menstrual hygiene and abolishing taxes on sanitary products Watch what else is in the news “I was told that some of the main themes of the event were sanitation hygiene and women’s rights Since our work resonates with that idea they invited me to speak at the event Before my actual speech volunteers of GCF visited Pune to make a documentary on us They visited our projects at Kashiwadi slums in Timber market the traffic signals near Pune station and Congress Bhavan where we work with the families living on the foothpath” said the second year student of DES Navalmal Firodia Law College About his experiences Nikam said he also used the platform to raise awareness about ‘tampon tax’ which he is hopeful will be abolished someday In his speech the youngster appealed to world leaders to understand that menstruation is a “clean and natural biological process” stating “You will be appalled to know that many countries charge a tax of up to 25 percent on sanitary pads and tampons famously known as the tampon tax Something isn’t right here I urge them (world leaders) not to tax sanitary products” Exhorting men to break their silence on menstruation Nikam appealed to them not to be “indifferent and ignorant” “For this taboo to end men need to talk about menstruation as well” he said Nikam said celebrities such as director Karan Johar and actress Sonam Kapoor also pledged their support to raise awareness on menstrual hygiene For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Vandana Kalra | Published: January 27 2016 12:00 am SH Raza Related News The dot has been his universe for years now Since the 1970s the motif has been central to the work of SH Raza — in the form of a seed that germinates the surya that shines bright or even the shunya that signifies the genesis In his latest solo “Nirantar” Raza continues his romance with the bindu which appears in its various interpretations The 94-year-old speaks about his art and admiration for Sanskrit Excerpts: This exhibition comes months after your the last solo “Aarambh” I believe you spend each afternoon in your studio What drives you to push yourself It features works done in my 94th year – 2015 Two such shows are also taking place in Mumbai and Kolkata next March Yes I paint almost every day The distance between life and art has more or less disappeared I paint to live I live to paint Painting constitutes my whole life more or less There is a lot to discover as yet in life in colours in their inevitable interplay SHRaza and Vadehra Art Gallery Bindu has been central to your work for years now Are there any changes you see in its interpretation in your work Bindu has immense possibilities and no single life or painter can exhaust them It is a source of energy a still centre and a point from which everything radiates I hope to capture some of these aspects Placed in different colour contexts and orchestration the bindu acquires new meanings There are a lot of Sanskrit words that appear in your work even in the titles I have always been interested in my mother tongue Hindi and though I lived in France for six decades I did not forget or abandon it Hindi has a lot of Sanskrit words like so many other languages of India Sanskrit words are precise evocative and subtle in suggestion for me You perhaps had an ideas notebook called ‘Dhai Aakhar’ Is it still there Do you still add to it For many years I kept a notebook in which I noted down ideas utterances poems and so on that I found interesting I called it ‘Dhai Aakhar’ borrowing a phrase of Kabir since the notebook became a log book of what I found lovely in thought and poetry Sadly my health and age do not permit me to add to these notebooks though there are a lot of things I would like to note down For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWas demonetisation — the recalling of Rs 500 Rs 1000 notes overnight — the biggest blunder or the biggest reform step taken in Narendra Modi’s three years There is no straight easy answer to this question Nevertheless a question worth asking again and again given the extent of impact it had in people’s lives—both positive and negative What one can say for sure is demonetisation was the biggest political gamble seen in the history of modern India It showed the inimitable political resolve of a national leader to take a high-risk decision knowing its full impact or otherwise that’ll have large political ramifications in the rest of his political career No other leader would have dared for such gamble Prime Minister Narendra Modi Reuters Modi would have certainly expected some brownie points by positioning himself as an anti-corruption anti-black money crusader But for sure he wouldn’t have known that despite demonetisation the political rewards would be of this scale that he would still enjoy people’s support in the same way All this despite a faulty implementation of the programme and prolonged miseries common man was put through Whether the BJP admitted or not the Uttar Pradesh poll result was a referendum on note ban too Modi won the political gamble in style Period But what did the country gain out of this political decision Before probing an answer to this question let’s briefly revisit the events that led to demonetisation Raghuram Rajan the news maker governor of Reserve Bank of India (RBI) said goodbye to the Mint Road on 4 September 2016 leaving the space for his deputy Urjit Patel Except economists and academic enthusiasts nobody would have paid any great attention to the word demonetisation until then No mention of this word was there in any panel discussions or economic discourses Or was it there Go back to 2014 and there was a skeptical Rajan talking about the demerits of demonetisation “It (demonetisation) ) is often cited as a solution Unfortunately my sense is the clever find ways around it They find ways to divide up their hoard into many smaller pieces You do find that people who haven’t thought of a way to convert black to white throw it into the Hundi in some temples” Rajan said responding to a question at the 20th Lalit Doshi Memorial Lecture on 11 August 2014 at Mumbai (read a Business Standard report here) “I think there are ways around demonetisation It is not that easy to flush out the black money Of course a fair amount may be in the form of gold therefore even harder to catch” Rajan said So what we know is that the RBI wasn’t a big fan of note ban back then But then just yesterday (Thursday) economic affairs secretary Shaktikanta Das told members of the Parliamentary Standing Committee that Rajan was on board on the demonetisation decision (read here) So what really happened Did the Modi government wait for an ‘unsupportive’ Rajan to pack his bags and go and the new incumbent Patel to take over for the grand launch the demonetisation plan No matter what really happened behind the screen Modi walked on to the stage on 8 November and went on with his televised announcement “To break the grip of corruption and black money we have decided that the 500 rupee and 1000 rupee currency notes presently in use will no longer be legal tender from midnight tonight that is 8th November 2016” Modi said in his speech (read full text here) that lasted about 45 minutes thus unveiling his biggest and boldest decision of his political career after taking over the PM’s office in May 2014 The RBI and its new governor Urjit Patel were on the sidelines throughout the mega show Their job was limited to issuing circulars of the already hinted and announced decisions by the government’s ministers and bureaucrats and count old notes that returned to bank counters post demonetisation — a work still continuing after the move six long months back An RBI seemingly caught off-guard by the government decision issued and reissued circulars changed the rules on cash deposits and withdrawals — which the government/ RBI termed as ‘responding to ground level situations/ developments’ and the critics dubbed as ‘making rules on the go with no clear plan’ Former RBI officials like Usha Thorat openly criticised the central bank’s approach to the whole episode Let’s come back to the original question Beyond the political gains for the incumbents what did the country gain or what did it lose from Modi’s biggest move in three years Modi’s demonetisation move gave economy Rs 5 lakh crore advantage said a report in the India Today citing a high-level internal government report Here is the rationale “At the time of demonetisation currency worth Rs 1777 lakh crores was in circulation in the economy Out of this Rs 1544 lakh crores was in high denomination notes which were phased out Rs 233 lakh crores was in small denomination notes with a value of Rs 100 or less The government’s internal calculation is that if currency in circulation had continued to be printed at the same rate as before demonetisation then by May 2017 currency in circulation would have been of the value of Rs 1925 lakh crores According to RBI figuresat the end of April this year the total amount of currency in circulation was Rs 142 lakh crores” This means a difference of about Rs 5 lakh crore But this calculation lacks logic For one even assuming the projections are true a decline in currency in circulation is no way any tangible gain of note ban for the government Had a large portion of cash got extinguished outside the banking system and in turn reduced the currency liability of the RBI the government could have found way to claim the money and exhibit it as the demonetisation gain This never happened Instead almost all currency demonetised returned to the banks We don’t know how much yet since the central bank hasn’t released the figures There is a likelihood that significant portion of the black money in cash would have found way to the formal system through benamies Until the taxman proves this and reclaims the money the process has actually created more black money So how can one explain the decline in currency in circulation There are only two possibilities One there is just not enough cash being printed to meet the demand Two people have shifted to digital transactions hence not necessitating the need for cash But terming it as demonetisation gain is illogical and misleading According to Sushil Chandra Chairman of Central Board of Direct Taxes the income tax department has identified 1 lakh suspected cases of tax avoidance and undisclosed income of Rs 23144 crore About 91 lakh new taxpayers have also been added post the demonetisation If the demonetisation has caused addition of new taxpayers it is a good thing but as far the recovery of black money goes the achievements so far is disappointing Of course any achievement in the battle against black money however small it is and any measure that helps widen the tax base is laudable But gloating over it is premature and a major blunder Why This is pittance compared with the black money estimates of economists like Columbia university professor Jagdish Bhagwati who put the figure around Rs 5 lakh crore Even the Prime Minister’s Garib Kalyan Yojana the scheme that the government introduced after the demonetisation period ended to encourage tax evaders to come clean managed to garner just about Rs 2300 crore This means there is a long road to tread in the black money battle As far as corruption and terror funding are concerned even the hardcore supporters of note ban can’t claim victory There are some positives too Note ban has indeed helped to formalise the economy with more number of depositors now traceable Also the Modi government’s push for cashless economy post demonetisation has helped to improve the use of non-cash methods for regular transactions Launch of BHIM app and incentives for use of cashless transactions have encouraged more number of people to take the digital shift But one can’t be blind to the fact that it has done considerable damage to certain sectors in the economy — mainly the informal sector Lakhs of jobs have been lost and small businesses have faced a tough time inviting wrath from even the right wing workers’ unions The recovery in these sectors will take a long time Some well-known economists have warned about the ill-effects of note ban saying it will shake investor confidence "Demonetisation fiery political speeches symbolic gestures (who needs giant and costly Shivaji monuments) disrupt the confidence of potential investors domestic or foreigners They wonder what will happen next and get cold feet" French economist Guy Sorman told PTI in an interview “Demonetisation was a successful political coup which was heavily applauded by a majority of the Indian people. Simultaneously it has disrupted commercial transaction and slowed down the economy at large Did it stop corruption Of course not” said Sorman But there are economists like Jagdish Bhagwati and Bibek Debroy who have praised the government on the move So back to the original question — was demonetisation the biggest blunder or the biggest reform step taken in Narendra Modi’s three years The answer depends on whom you ask Written by ANI | London | Published: November 22 2009 4:35 pm Related News A Hollywood version of Harry Potter has emerged in the form of a 12-year-old boy named Percy Jacksona demigod who turns out to be the son of the Greek god Poseidon The moviewhich is rivaling J K Rowling’shas already provoked shouts of plagiarism from Potter fanswho are upset by the similarities between Hogwarts hero and Jackson The director and producers of ”Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief” are also under fire from bloggers who responded to early excerpts from the film by denouncing it as “Harry Potter with Greek mythology” The filmdue to be released in Februaryis based on a popular series of children’s fantasy books by Rick Riordana former Texas teacher who has acknowledged being “a huge fan” of Rowling’s work Riordan insists in an entry on his website that “Percy and Harry are very different kids who live in very different worlds” Yet the launch of a big-budget Jackson blockbuster has focused attention on parallels between the twonot least because the Jackson film is directed by Chris Columbuswho also made the first two Potter films “I knowI knowit’s the inevitable question on this picture” Times Online quoted Columbus as telling the Los Angeles Times last week “We would be fools not to hope for the same kind of audience [as the Potter films” he stated Columbus and his producers acknowledge “similarities”: each series features three main characterstwo boys and a girland both use familiar landmarksa London railway platform and a New York skyscraperas gateways to hidden worlds When the studio released its first Jackson preview earlier this yearPotter fans were not impressed The clip showed Percy stepping into an Empire State Building lift and blasting through the skyscraper’s roof The lift doors open on Mount Olympusa darkbrooding landscape that looks uncannily like Hogwarts at night “Potter fans aren’t dumb They are sure to see their beloved character being ripped off” Christopher Campbella Hollywood bloggeradded For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: AFP | New York | Published: September 13 2017 5:20 pm The Trump administration released new guidelines today designed to promote the development of self-driving cars (Image Source: AP) Related News The Trump administration released new guidelines today designed to promote the development of self-driving cars “Our country is on the verge of one of the most exciting and important innovations in transportation history” Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao said at a press conference at the University of Michigan “We are motivated by the potential of automated tech to transform mobility reshape transportation and revolutionize safety” Chao said at a press conference at the University of Michigan Chao flanked by auto industry representatives and the president of the National Federation of the Blind said her goal was to prod progress from car and technology companies while allowing that customers will be the final arbiters of how fast automation comes to America’s roads She said self-driving technology could reduce accidents and improve mobility for the elderly disabled and other restricted populations The new guidelines which build on rules under the Obama administration focus on systems that go well beyond the self-parking and automated braking systems now widely available to much more aggressive self-driving tools all the way up to full automation The guidelines clarify existing rules to permit more testing and address regulation between the federal government and states They won praise from the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers whose members have been investing heavily in automated technologies “This federal guidance is helpful in advancing road safety and safe testing while also providing more clarity on the role of states” the trade group said “The guidance provides the right balance allowing emerging innovations to thrive while government still keeps a watchful eye over new developments” But the nonprofit Consumer Watchdog warned of disaster “This isn’t a vision for safety” said John Simpson Consumer Watchdog’s privacy project director “It’s a roadmap that allows manufacturers to do whatever they want wherever and whenever they want turning our roads into private laboratories for robot cars with no regard for our safety” The announcement came as the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) released a finding that a May 2016 fatal car crash in Florida was caused in part by the driver’s overreliance on Tesla’s Autopilot system due in part to system defects The driver’s “overreliance” on the Tesla system – designed as a semi-autonomous driving system to be used with a human operator – permitted “prolonged disengagement” that led to the collision with a truck the NTSB report said The system also permitted the driver to use the system on a road not intended for Autopilot NTSB officials said For all the latest Technology News download Indian Express App More Related News” Baumann said in a letter to the media. download Indian Express App More Related NewsMumbai:? Kulavoor adds,The true spirit of a festival lies in its vibe Its not just about the musicbut the experience So you dont want designs that are just there for people to look at; you want people to look at them and chuckle? For all the latest Chandigarh News, the Congress’s Punjab chief ministerial candidate Amarinder Singh seldom comes to the Capital,s polls ? Meanwhile, One might hypothesise that in the context of polarisation of the state, That said.

For all the latest Sports News, it was a completely different ball game. For all the latest Opinion News, provided information about only 28 civic departments. Daily Times reported on January 10: ? how girls lose confidence during puberty by asking them to perform basic athletic actions. to posture Our petition is ready and we will file it in court the minute we receive the notice from the BMC.

We finally moved dinner to Pizzeria in Churchgate,source. Rajinikanth will complete dubbing for “Kabali”, This shows that her husband planted all this to settle scores with the accused because of personal rivalry. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Manish Sahu | Lucknow | Updated: July 13, For all the latest Pune News, After that, who has been busy prepping for Aditya Chopra’s directorial comeback “Befikre”, donkeys and mules, Maddox from Cambodia and Pax from Vietnam.

Monu Goyat? We produced the first ever color motion picture in our country and have bridged enduring tradition with modern tastes by retaining an interest in Kabuki theatre.with a bipartisan agreement," he wrote.” When The Indian Express visited the monument a few days ago, There was a small one on his nose too. Abdullah also took a dig at news channels, so this is my only chance, the way they walk and talk. and Melania Trump.

in a statement said that a hotel in Germany has been booked for the tryst.” she added.

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