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calling it a drain on the American economy, area during Thanksgiving week and suggested meeting Tuesday in a shopping mall in Tysons Corner Virginia "I’m planning to do some shopping there so I’ll find a good place to meet before you get there" Phillips wrote in a message sent via Signal the encrypted messaging serviceWhen Reinhard suggested bringing another reporter Phillips wrote "I’m not really comfortable with anyone else being there this time"Reinhard arrived to find Phillips wearing a brown leather jacket and with long red hair already seated in a booth in the restaurantThe 41-year-old said she had been abused as a child Reinhard said Her family had moved often She said she moved in with an aunt in the Talladega area of Alabama and started attending a church youth group when she met Moore in 1992 the year he became a county judge She said she was 15 She said they started a "secret" sexual relationship"I knew it wasn’t right but I didn’t care" she saidShe said that she got pregnant that Moore talked her into an abortion and that he drove her to Mississippi to get itIn the interview she told Reinhard that she was so upset she couldn’t finish her saladPhillips said she had started thinking about coming forward after the allegations about Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein surfaced Then she said she saw the news about Moore flashing across the television screen while in a break room at her job at a company called NFM Lending in Westchester County New York Reinhard saidPhillips also repeatedly asked the reporter to guarantee her that Moore would lose the election if she came forward Reinhard told her in a subsequent text message that she could not predict what the impact would be Reinhard said she also explained to Phillips that her claims would have to be fact-checked Additionally Reinhard asked her for documents that would corroborate or support her storyLater that day Phillips told Reinhard that she felt "anxiety & negative energy after our meeting" text messages show "You just didn’t convince me that I should come forward" she wroteReinhard replied "I’m so sorry but I want to be straight with you about the fact-checking process and the fact that we can’t guarantee what will happen as a result of another story"Phillips was not satisfied On Wednesday the day before Thanksgiving she suggested meeting with another Post reporter Stephanie McCrummen who co-wrote the initial article about Corfman "I’d rather go to another paper than talk to you again" Phillips told ReinhardBack at the newsroom Reinhard became concerned about elements of Phillips’s story Phillips had said she lived in Alabama only for a summer while a teenager; but the cellphone number Phillips provided had an Alabama area code Reinhard called NFM Lending in Westchester County but they said a person named Jaime Phillips did not work thereAlice Crites a Post researcher who was looking into Phillips’s background found the document that strongly reinforced the reporters’ suspicions: a Web page for a fundraising campaign by someone with the same name It was on the website GoFundMecom under the name Jaime Phillips"I’m moving to New York" the May 29 appeal said "I’ve accepted a job to work in the conservative media movement to combat the lies and deceipt of the liberal MSM I’ll be using my skills as a researcher and fact-checker to help our movement I was laid off from my mortgage job a few months ago and came across the opportunity to change my career path"In a March posting on its Facebook page Project Veritas said it was seeking 12 new "undercover reporters" though the organization’s operatives use methods that are eschewed by mainstream journalists such as misrepresenting themselvesA posting for the "journalist" job on the Project Veritas website that month warned that the job "is not a role for the faint of heart"The job’s listed goal: "To adopt an alias persona gain access to an identified person of interest and persuade that person to reveal information"It also listed tasks that the job applicant should be able to master including: "Learning a script" "Preparing a background story to support your role" "Gaining an appointment or access to the target of the investigation" and "Operating concealed recording equipment"Project Veritas founded in 2010 is a tax-exempt charity that says its mission is to "investigate and expose corruption dishonesty self-dealing waste fraud and other misconduct" It raised $48 million and employed 38 people in 2016 according to its public tax filing It also had 92 volunteersO’Keefe’s criminal record has caused the charity problems in some states Mississippi and Utah stripped the group of a license to raise money in those states because it failed to disclose O’Keefe’s conviction on state applications records showAlso working at Veritas is former television producer Robert J Halderman who was sentenced to six months in jail in 2010 after he was accused of trying to blackmail late-night host David Letterman Halderman was with O’Keefe outside the Project Veritas offices Monday as a reporter tried to ask about Phillips’s role with the organizationBecause Jaime Phillips is a relatively common name it wasn’t a certainty that the GoFundMe page that Crites found was created by was the same woman who approached The Post But there was another telling detail in addition to the name One of two donations listed on the page was from a person whose name that matched her daughter’s according to public recordsMcCrummen agreed to meet Phillips that afternoonPhillips suggested meeting somewhere in Alexandria Virginia saying she was shopping in the area Post videographers accompanied McCrummen who brought a printout of the fundraising page to the interviewAgain Phillips had arrived early and was waiting for McCrummen her purse resting on the table When McCrummen put her purse near Phillips’s purse to block a possible camera Phillips moved hersThe Post videographers sat separately unnoticed at an adjacent tablePhillips said she didn’t want to get into the details of what she had said happened between her and MooreShe said she wanted McCrummen to assure her that the article would result in Moore’s defeat according to a recording McCrummen instead asked her about her story regarding MoorePhillips complained that President Trump had endorsed Moore"So my whole things is like I want him to be completely taken out of the race " she said "And I really expected that was going to happen and now it’s not So I don’t know what you think about that"McCrummen asked Phillips to verify her identity with a photo identification Phillips provided a Georgia driver’s licenseMcCrummen then asked her about the GoFundMe page"We have a process of doing background checking backgrounds and this kind of thing so I wanted to ask you about one thing" McCrummen said pulling out a copy of the page and reading from it "So I just wanted to ask you if you could explain this and I also wanted to let you know Jaime that this is being recorded and video recorded""Okay" Phillips said "Um yeah I was looking to take a job last summer in New York but it fell through" Phillips said "Yeah it was going to be with the Daily Caller but it ended up falling through so I wasn’t able to do it"When asked who at the Daily Caller interviewed her Phillips said "Kathy" pausing before adding the last name "Johnson"Paul Conner executive editor of the Daily Caller said Monday that no one with the name Kathy Johnson works for the publication and that he has no record of having personally interviewed Phillips Conner later said in email that he had asked other top editors at the Daily Caller and the affiliated Daily Caller News Foundation about Phillips"None of us has interviewed a woman by the name Jaime Phillips" Conner wroteAt the Alexandria restaurant on Wednesday Phillips also told The Post that she had not been in contact with the Moore campaign As the interview ended Phillips told McCrummen she was not recording the conversation"I think I probably just want to cancel and not go through with it at this point" Phillips said at Souvlaki Bar shortly before ending the interview"I’m not going to answer any more questions" she said "I think I’m just going to go"She picked up her coat and bag returned her drink to the front counter and left the restaurantBy 7 pm the message on the GoFundMe page was gone replaced by a new one"Campaign is complete and no longer active" it readThe 629-foot Calumet departed Essar Steel in Sault Ste Marie Ontario and was transiting downbound in the St Marys River to its next port of call in Brevort Mich, in which the trio and members of their economic teams will be invited to explain their roles in the alleged mismanagement of funds.261-metre bridge at a cost of Rs 129 crore.

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