Ackerman looking forward to working with B.C.’s 36th Premier

first_imgFORT ST. JOHN, B.C. — Fort St. John mayor Lori Ackerman says that she’s looking forward to building on her working relationship with Premier-designate John Horgan.Mayor Ackerman says that watching yesterday evening’s political developments in Victoria, she was not envious of the difficult decision that Lieutenant-Governor Judith Guichon had to make after former Premier Christy Clark’s government lost a confidence motion. She says that as Horgan stated in an interview with CBC Daybreak North this morning, while she may not be a supporter of his, the pair do have a working relationship.When it comes to the Peace Region’s fortunes, Ackerman stated, “I think we have an opportunity to present ourselves in a good light,. What we do, we do to bring revenue into this province, and we do it well. We are leaders in resource development, and I think that just needs to be recognized. We’re offering that opportunity for our Premier-elect to come up and visit us and take a look at things.”- Advertisement -Ackerman says that after Horgan sees that oil and gas industry members in the Peace Region are responsible, sustainable, and contribute revenue to the province, she feels that the two will find a way to work together.When asked about her and Councillor Trevor Bolin’s meeting with Green Party leader Andrew Weaver and his support of the NDP, Ackerman says that while he heard his feelings about the oil and gas industry, she got the impression that Weaver’s main opposition is more against Site C. She says that she’s spoken with Weaver on several occasions when he has visited the Peace Region and attended energy conferences. However, she says that while both Weaver and Horgan have made certain claims, those might not lead to the exact same actions.“I can tell you that, when you’re out on the campaign trail speaking to your supporters, that’s a whole lot different than sitting in the hot seat and making decisions for an entire province. So, what has happened so far out there and the conversations that have been had, I feel confident that thoughtful discussions can be had with the Premier-elect and his supporters and his government, and we will move forward.”Advertisementlast_img

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