PNC can run…

first_img…but can’t hide corruptionThere’s the old saw, “moon ah run till daylight ketch am”. Well, the PNC’s no moon, but looks like “daylight” has caught up with it!! They just couldn’t leave well alone…they felt compelled to list their “achievements” on their fourth anniversary of sliding into office. And thereby provided such a wide target to be scrutinized, even folks friendly to them had to pipe up about the gaping holes in the narrative that even a rice combine could pass through!!Yesterday, your Eyewitness raised the conundrum of “corruption”, which the PNC-friendly Kean Gibson felt had been elided. What the lady with the Hindu bee-in-her-bonnet missed was, it wasn’t Granger’s “naiveite” that made him turn a blind eye to the venality permeating his regime through and through. It was Granger’s hero Burnham who’d turned Lord Acton’s aphorism on its head: corruption BECAME power and absolute corruption became absolute power – which of course, Burnham craved! The point of it all – once you’re dealing with the PNC, you’re dealing with corruption since they are always ready to return to that wellspring of corruption – rigging elections!! There’s nothing Granger can do about corruption: according to him, he’s been a staunch PNC since a callow youth!!Look at what he’s has done with GECOM. Is it any different from what Burnham did from 1968 onwards under Harry Bollers than what he’s doing with James Patterson?? Probity, like morality, is always poised on a slippery slope – once you slip you slide!! And rigging elections is about the slipperiest slope you can find: there are so many folks “on the in”, those at the top of the echelon like Granger can’t retain any moral capital to pull up anyone caught with their hand in the cookie jar!! It’s not much of a stretch from “stealing votes” to “stealing notes”!!Anyhow another PNC-sympathiser, the venerable EB John, was forced to call out Granger’s regime for papering over their rape and unspeakable violation of Guysuco and 7000 workers they fired. John wanted to know what happened to that sale of the four closed estates the Special Purpose Vehicle (SPU) was formed to execute?? After the breathless announcements of scores of bids being received, suddenly there was only 10 when the box was opened!! And now six months later, we haven’t even had a squeak about those!!We do know the SPU floated a $30 BILLION Bond to “facilitate” the sale – but all we know they’ve done is to spruce up the Senior Staff clubhouse at LBI and throwing lavish pool side parties!!Question is, who paid the $150 million in interest that was due April 1st??If this isn’t corruption, then, what is?…but not from shameJagdeo’s no-confidence motion has irreparably damaged the confidence of the PNC under Granger. Some are even questioning his legitimacy to be at the helm of the party. About the only thing saving him from being thrown overboard is the sympathy vote he might pull at the next elections. Look at what the Jagdeo’s NCM has wrought to the PNC: they’ve been made into a laughing stock in the eyes of the senior members of the Caribbean Legal Fraternity!!And make no mistake about it – it doesn’t even matter what the outcome of the CCJ’s decision will be. The founding fathers of the British Caribbean left a tradition steeped in the law. And even the few like Eric Williams who weren’t, had a healthy respect for respecting the “forms” of propriety steeped in tradition of Chancellery and Court. Burnham bent to the Speaker even when he walked out of Parliament!!You can’t step into a court of law and argue such arrant nonsense!!Even the bonds of Caribbean affinity will become strained!…but can’t get leanSo, Granger removed the four Ministers who were “dual citizens”. But as your Eyewitness predicted, they’re all back on the job under the fig leaf of new job titles!!They question is, what’s their renumeration? Same as their “bosses”??last_img

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