PM Skerrit wants review of marijuana laws

first_img Share Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit says the time has come to review Dominica’s marijuana laws. A regional committee could soon be established to dialogue with experts on the matter which is being given attention by CARICOM. The Prime Minister told a press conference on July 7, 2014 that the marijuana issue needs to be discussed on a wider scale, in light of calls for the decriminalization of the herb here. “We believe the time has come for us to look at the laws relating to marijuana, for example someone with a very small quantity of marijuana, we will send him to prison, and the question is, if a man has five grams of marijuana should this person be sent to prison for that small amount and that person would have a criminal record for the rest of his life,” Mr Skerrit said.The Prime Minister said Dominica’s conviction laws for the possession of marijuana need to be reviewed as too many young people are being convicted for small amounts of marijuana which could have a negative impact on their future. “Imagine a 19 year old being arrested for this for his rest of his life and for the rest of his life he won’t be able to advance in any significant way because of this charge”“I believe the discussion we may have in Dominica is in respect to looking at our laws in respect to convictions for the possession of marijuana and to determine whether we would not allow our people to have a very small quantity for religious and other purposes obviously,” he said. The Prime Minister added that certain conditions would have to be implemented to control the use of the herb particularly in public places. “One would have to place certain conditions on that meaning you cannot smoke in public, you cannot be on a bus and pull it out, you cannot be on the block and smoking, it has to be in the privacy of your home”. Mr Skerrit added that the issue of who cultivates the herb for purchase is not a simple decision that one has to take. “It’s a number of things one has to consider in coming to that realization so this is why we believe that the setting up of a commission and having experts to look at this matter and to consult the various stakeholders in the region and to come back with us with one recommendation as to how do we go about addressing this issue,” he said. Prime Minister Skerrit said work is in progress and citizens will have the opportunity to share their views on this matter. However, he stated that one must be very careful about the “complete freeing up” of the herb as there could be serious implications. “I do not agree that we should remove our legal restrictions on this completely and I do not think that I would like to use this as an economic measure and some people have spoken about how much money we can make from this but we also have to measure the impact on the minds and the body of our people so I would not use these things for economic reasons,” he said.Dominica Vibes News Tweet LocalNews PM Skerrit wants review of marijuana laws by: – July 8, 2014 Sharecenter_img Sharing is caring! Share 156 Views   no discussionslast_img

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