In Vodice, in the heart of the pre-season, construction works will last until June 1. 2016

first_imgIn Vodice, a city that generates most of its income exclusively through tourism, construction work began at the beginning of the preseason and with the arrival of the first guests.I can’t believe we have the same scenes of excavators and construction work in the preseason again! Amazing how the same problem happens every year and it’s no wonder to anyone.In the very center of Vodice, the reconstruction of Herford Street has begun, one of the busiest streets in the city where most cafes, shops, souvenir shops, exchange offices and other tourist facilities are concentrated. Even more absurd is that in this case the main investor is the City of Vodice. They brag in Vodice that they have a positive balance and a surplus of money in the budget, great, but gentlemen dear, you have that income precisely because of tourism.The Tourist Board of the city of Vodice did not want to comment on this case, stating that they know nothing, but accordingly announce a rich tourist program during the construction works. This is just another proof of how tourism is happening to us, not that we are dealing with tourism. How can someone give the green light to downtown construction work in the preseason?The town of Vodice points out that the reconstruction works should have been completed earlier, but due to the repeated public procurement, the deadlines were moved. “The contract with the contractor was signed on April 1, 2016, and according to the contract, the works must be completed within 60 days. The works are divided into two phases, the first phase must be completed by June 1 at the latest, while the second phase will start in the fall.”- said Marselo Mitrović-Matić, senior expert associate for social activities and general affairs in the City of Vodice. If there were certain problems in the Public Procurement and the planned deadlines were moved, then the reconstruction should have been postponed, and not to play with excavators in the heart of the pre-season in front of tourists.CONSTRUCTION WORKS WILL LAST UNTIL JUNE 1, 2016Therefore, until June 1, 2016. in Vodice will have construction works on one of the busiest streets. Honestly, I can’t figure it out and I wonder if it might have been deliberately timed, like some new tourist attraction? Maybe the City of Vodice misunderstood the definition of innovative tourism or maybe they aimed at the trend of active tourism. Hoe in hand and here are the activities.It is interesting how at the same time Hotel Punta from Vodice is announcing a creative competition called “MY CITY!” for all children, students of the city kindergarten, students from the first to the eighth grade of the Elementary School of Vodice and all other residents of the city. The aim of the competition is to include these groups to participate in the presentation of Vodice, its sights and beauties to tourists staying at the Hotel Punta. They do not have to make an effort and can immediately give the award to those responsible in the City, for the best innovative tourist product of 2016.I still can’t help but wonder if I’m writing this news at all. Croatia is really ideal for the new Monty Python scenario.last_img

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