Mediator Disciplinary Actions

first_imgMediator Disciplinary Actions January 15, 2012 Regular News Mediator Disciplinary Actions Prepared by the Florida Dispute Resolution Center _______________________________________________________center_img The Mediator Qualifications Board — a committee under authority of and appointed by the Florida Supreme Court — disciplined three certified mediators, including one who is a member of The Florida Bar.The following mediators are disciplined: Mitchell A. Blum, 7668 El Camino Real, Carlsbad, Ca. Certified as a Family Mediator in September 2004, Certification # 17981. (Case No. MQB 2009-006) Sanctioned by Decision entered February 26, 2010 — Relinquishment of Certification as a Florida Supreme Court mediator with agreement never to reapply for certification as a mediator in the state of Florida. Findings: Did not enable parties to effectively participate in the mediation process, did not perform mediation services in a timely fashion, did not return a fee for drafting of agreement although no agreement was reached, and failed to maintain records necessary to support charges for services. Craig R. Steinberg, 219 S.E. 25th Avenue, Boynton Beach. Certified as a Circuit Court Civil Mediator in March, 2010, Certification # 20589. (Case No. MQB 2010-006) Sanctioned by Decision entered September 12, 2011 – Decertified and barred from serving as a mediator under the Rules for Certified and Court-Appointed Mediators. Findings: Found not to possess good moral character because of repeated misrepresentations on his application for certification, in resumes, websites, and other marketing materials, and to the public regarding his background and qualifications implying or stating he was an attorney, and member of The Florida Bar; stating his prior occupation was as a judge; and that he was now a retired judge, and advertising he was certified prior to obtaining his certification. Jason T. Banks, 4470 Gleneagles Dr., Boynton Beach. Certified as a Family Mediator in October 2008, Certification # 20581. (Case No. MQB 2010-001) Sanctioned by Decision entered November 10, 2011. Decertified and barred from mediating in the State of Florida and under the Rules for Certified and Court Appointed Mediators. Findings: Mediator failure to maintain impartiality and avoid conflict of interest and to maintain business practices that reflect fairness, integrity, and impartiality due to his friendship with one mediation participant (wife) while assuming an adversarial position to the other participant (husband) by giving advice and counsel to the participant wife prior to the institution of legal proceedings and during legal proceedings. In addition, the mediator untruthfully responded to the Florida Dispute Resolution Center that he did not mediate when evidence to the contrary was proven, and the mediator improperly attempted to influence one of the parties to obtain a dismissal of the DRC Complaint. Banks is a member of The Florida Bar.last_img

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