Never lose yourself!

first_imgNobody’s worth losing yourself over.”We all try to change our ways and try to be someone else to be more desirable or “perfect”, more often than not it’s for someone who makes us feel we aren’t good enough for them. We feel the need to be like someone else and try to be enough for them, and eventually, all this just leads to us feeling not like ourselves, like someone else is living in our body, we go beyond who we truly are to try to fit into that criterion of being “good enough”. But is that really love? Cause when you really love someone, you are ready to accept them, the real version them, their beauty and their flaws.“You like because..and you love despite…”You like someone because of all of their qualities but you love someone despite some of their flaws. This doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t keep trying to get rid of wrong habits, we must always strive to do and be better, but for ourselves, not just to be “good enough” for someone else. So if you ever feel like changing who you are and being like someone else because you want to be good enough for someone else, just remind yourself that if someone really loves you then they should love you for who you are, and for your efforts that you put in for trying to be better but if someone tries to change you in love, then it is not love but a compromise and one shouldn’t compromise in love, right?last_img

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