The top 12 most embarrassing driving blunders

first_img Nothing says you’re a shameless loser unworthy of society more than an impaired driving charge, a humiliating cloud of darkness and lifelong cone of shame that will cling to you for the rest of your life, especially when such actions could be so easily avoided. The Rolls-Royce Boat Tail may be the most expensive new car ever 10 parking offences that need to stop right now10. Drive over a parking blockPulling up close to a parking block in a plaza or mall is never wise as the blocks can clip many a low hanging spoiler. Far worse, however, is forgetting there’s a block there in the first place. Driving forward and having the two front wheels jump the block can not only damage your car when it bounces over, but in some cases can leave you high centered or stuck. Very funny to watch, but humiliating for the car owner. Cure this by reversing into all stalls in the first place.Created with Raphaël 2.1.2Created with Raphaël 2.1.22015 Chevrolet Impala Bi-Fuel CNG Bright dashboards and daytime lights continue to fool us Trending Videos RELATED TAGSNewsAyrton SennaDerek McNaughtonJohnny FayOntarioSony CorporationTorontoToyota Camry ‹ Previous Next › 9. Stalling the car, grinding a gearRevving the engine of a standard-transmission car might impress your best friends, but stalling it on take off by letting out the clutch too quickly is instant red face, the silencing of the engine punctuated by the laughter from those watching. Much like stalling, trying to shift too quickly or as though you were Ayrton Senna and then mashing the gears together can be highly mortifying not only for you and your passengers, but for the gearbox too when gear teeth get shaved off and reduce its overall lifespan.8. Leave gas cap dangling or forget to remove hoseIn the rush to pay for gas, get smokes and check lotto tickets at the same time, many a driver will forget to re-secure the gas cap, or on older cars forget the cap on the roof or trunk. Newer cars use tethered caps and some such as Ford have saved you from being laughed at by designing capless fillers. Still, some people drive away with the filler hose still in the car’s nozzle, a blunder no amount of engineering can correct.7. Unable to parallel park or back up a trailerWhen cars start honking at you or you begin to cause a traffic jam because you can’t quite angle the Camry into that parallel spot, it’s time to go and practice the art of parallel parking in some far away empty lot until you’ve mastered it. The same applies for backing up a trailer, a relatively simple task that, again, requires practice before you ridicule yourself in the real world.Created with Raphaël 2.1.2Created with Raphaël 2.1.2A one-way street? Two opposing road signs confuse drivers in Sydney, Australia. PlayThe Rolls-Royce Boat Tail may be the most expensive new car everPlay3 common new car problems (and how to prevent them) | Maintenance Advice | Driving.caPlayFinal 5 Minivan Contenders | Driving.caPlay2021 Volvo XC90 Recharge | Ministry of Interior Affairs | Driving.caPlayThe 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning is a new take on Canada’s fave truck | Driving.caPlayBuying a used Toyota Tundra? Check these 5 things first | Used Truck Advice | Driving.caPlayCanada’s most efficient trucks in 2021 | Driving.caPlay3 ways to make night driving safer and more comfortable | Advice | Driving.caPlayDriving into the Future: Sustainability and Innovation in tomorrow’s cars | virtual panelPlayThese spy shots get us an early glimpse of some future models | There really should be more fines handed out, or manufacturers should come up with a consistent technological solution for driving only with your daytime running lights, but this is a common screw up seen on a nightly basis. Really, how hard is it to remember to turn on your lights, or leave them on all the time? Most headlamps shut off automatically anyway. Same goes for dimming lights. Honestly, it’s time that automatic-on and auto-dimming became standard kit for all models.11. Leaving signal light onYou’ve made a smooth pass or rounded the corner but the blinker still blinks. That clicking noise is not the drumstick tapping of the Hip’s Johnny Fay on the Sony, but a reminder your signal is still active and that flashing green arrow is signalling to the rest of the world you’re being a moron, as well as confusing everyone about your intentions.RELATED Trending in Canada 6. Losing your loadI once had a relative who drove from Toronto to Barrie with a dresser held into a trailer behind his car. But when he arrived up north the dresser was nowhere to be seen, having flown away hours before he realized it was gone. It’s the same with mattresses, which secretly yearn to be geese and fly freely in the skies, judging by the number of them seen strewn about on the highway. An unsafe load is, of course, highly dangerous and subject to a stiff fine, but also massively ignominious and potentially very expensive.5. Slide into the ditchSlippery, icy roads can be blamed for hitting the ditch, but not paying attention and drifting off into the ditch and then crashing or collecting grass or getting stuck in clear weather is always awkward, especially if you have to explain it to parents.4. Drive wrong way on one wayDriving the wrong way on a one-way street is relatively common, but when all those parked cars are facing you and the road signs are facing the other way, these clues that you’re going the WRONG WAY should have been enough to avoid such a disconcerting situation.3. Rear ending someoneUsually caused by distracted driving or speeding, rear ending another vehicle is nothing to laugh about as serious injuries and damages almost always follow. Most times, this kind of accident can be avoided with eyes on the road. Even as more manufacturers bring collision mitigation or avoidance systems into their cars to prevent such horribly upsetting situations, the onus is on the driver to avoid them in the first place.2. Speed in excess that car is impoundedIn Ontario, speeding at more than 50 km/h over the limit can result in a $10,000 fine and immediate roadside confiscation of the vehicle. In other provinces, excessive speeding can also result in a seizure of the automobile. While the law might be ridiculous — even unconstitutional — try explaining this one to your boss, spouse, insurance company, friends and relatives without a tail between the legs.1. Impaired driving charge Created with Raphaël 2.1.2Created with Raphaël 2.1.2 City of North Miami Beach police officer Duhamel Jeanite conducts a field sobriety test during a DUI checkpoint on May 23, 2013 in Miami, Florida. COMMENTSSHARE YOUR THOUGHTS We’ve all seen them, those silly buggers who make egregious errors while driving — mistakes that could and should have been avoided but somehow ended up on our historical rap sheet of the road or worse, YouTube. And they are all of us, too, because no one is perfect behind the wheel, even when we try our darndest to be flawless.Some blunders, of course, are more serious than others — having your name published in the local newspaper, for instance, because the police were involved is far more embarrassing (and potentially life-changing) than if you simply dented your $40,000 new car. And while all blunders have consequences, these 12 are relatively common, although all inevitably bring great shame to you as a driver.12. Driving with lights off, or worse, forgetting to dim high beams See More Videos advertisement We encourage all readers to share their views on our articles using Facebook commenting Visit our FAQ page for more information. Buy It! Princess Diana’s humble little 1981 Ford Escort is up for auction An engagement gift from Prince Charles, the car is being sold by a Princess Di “superfan”last_img read more

Jane Fonda: We’re last generation ‘between life and death of the planet’

first_imgDisobeyArt/iStock(NEW YORK) — Jane Fonda appeared on “The View” Tuesday where she spoke about being arrested during environmental protests and blamed the fossil fuel industry for climate change, which she calls an “urgent crisis.” The Academy Award-winning actress and longtime activist — dating as far back as the Vietnam War — said that 16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg, who testified in front of Congress in September, inspired her to protest every week in Washington, D.C. in what are known as “Fire Drill Friday” protests. She told ABC News in October that she had vowed to attend them in an effort to bring awareness to the impacts of climate change.Fonda, 81, has been arrested four times for protesting since her first arrest on the steps of the U.S. Capitol on Oct. 11. She was last arrested for protesting on Nov. 1 and subsequently spent a night in jail.“The conditions weren’t great for old bones like mine on a metal slab,” Fonda told “The View” about her night in jail.Fonda explained that she is taking cues from younger generations, who she said are inspiring due to their constant work to bring awareness to environmental issues.“I’m following what the young people are doing. I’m not telling them. They are inspiring me,” Fonda said. “All of these people are leaving school to protest the future that we’re taking from them and they’re a huge inspiration to me.”“Seeing these young people carrying the burden of protesting the fossil fuel industry, I say, ‘No, we’ve got to get out there and join them,’” she added.Other actors have joined in on the weekly climate change events, including Ted Danson, 71, who was arrested along with Fonda in zip-tie cuffs on Oct. 25.“The View” co-host Abby Huntsman asked Fonda about “all the peaceful protests that have led to change” that didn’t involve protestors getting arrested like they have at “Fire Drill Friday” events, and expressed concern about living in an uncivil society.While Fonda agreed that getting arrested is a risk, she said it was one she was willing to take.“Climate activists have been doing this for 40 years. We’ve been writing articles and we’ve been giving speeches. We’ve been putting the facts out to the American public and politicians, and we’ve marched and we’ve rallied peacefully,” she said. “The fossil fuel industry is doing more and more and more to harm us and our environment and our young people’s futures.”“We have to up the ante and engage in civil disobedience, which means risking getting arrested,” Fonda added. “It’s going to require more and more people like all of you in the streets demanding.”Fonda also doubled down on holding major fossil fuel companies responsible for a large part of global warming. “Don’t blame anybody except the fossil fuel industry” for today’s climate crisis, she said, adding that “they try to make us feel guilty.”“We are the last generation who can make the difference between life and death of the planet,” Fonda said. “It is an urgent crisis and we have very little time [to fix it].”On Monday, the Trump administration notified the United Nations of its withdrawal from the historic Paris climate accord. The move will take effect one day after the 2020 elections on Nov. 4, 2020.The agreement, which has now been signed by nearly every nation on earth, seeks to limit global temperature increases to less than 2 degrees Celsius, with each country setting its own non-binding emission targets and reporting on its progress to reduce them.Copyright © 2019, ABC Audio. All rights reserved.last_img read more

Real estate stocks end week mixed as virus fears rise and markets fall

first_img Email Address* (iStock)Real estate services stocks largely ended a dismal week unscathed, as the broader markets fell for a second straight week amid mixed earnings reports, stalled stimulus talk and another Covid surge. Office and mall REITs didn’t fare so well.The S&P 500 fell 5.59 percent to end the week, with the tech and real estate-heavy Nasdaq Composite also down, 5.39 percent. The Dow Jones Industrial Average had its worst month since March, ending Friday at 26,501.60. A strong third-quarter gross domestic product report couldn’t reverse Wednesday’s massive selloff in which the Dow dropped 943 points.CBRE, the world’s biggest real estate services firm, ended Friday with its share price more than 8 percent higher despite reporting a near 10 percent decline in third quarter income. The company’s decision to shift its global headquarters from Los Angeles to Dallas gave the stock a short boost. CBRE said personnel would not change.Colliers International, which this week reported an 11.5 percent jump in net income during the third quarter, closed the week 7.58 percent higher.“Real estate is either feast or famine right now,” said Alexi Panagiotakopoulos, co-founder of Fundamental Income, sponsor of NETLease Corporate Real Estate ETF. “Office REITs face a lot of headwinds,” he added. “It’s famine for mall REITs.”One of those is the nation’s largest mall owner, Simon Property Group, which saw its stock price fall 6.16 percent this week, to $62.81 a share. The company said it had finalized its deal with Brookfield Asset Management to buy bankrupt retailer J.C.Penney. Brookfield’s stock also fell, 12.47 percent, to end the week at $29.78.Office REIT Boston Properties saw income decline about 17 percent in the third quarter. Executives said they don’t expect tenants to return to their offices in large numbers until late next year.With investments mainly in New York and San Francisco office markets, Paramount Group recorded $7 million in losses for the third quarter, a slight increase from $6.3 million in the second quarter.Homebuilder Lennar, which saw its stock price rise above pre-pandemic levels since July thanks to booming housing prices, fell 6.24 percent for the week, and 11.13 percent so far this month.The saving grace of the economy has been the federal stimulus — though lawmakers can’t seem to agree on another round — and low interest rates, Panagiotakopoulos said. That has kept leveraged companies from falling into distress. But the threat of another large-scale surge in coronavirus cases still threatens to dampen demand. Office tenants have been slower than expected to return, with landlords shifting their expectations to 2021. In Illinois, Gov. J.B. Pritzker closed Chicago restaurants and bars to indoor dining, starting Oct. 30, because of a recent uptick in Covid cases.“There will be more clarity in the economy after the election,” Panagiotakopoulos added.Write to Orion Jones Full Name* Message* This content is for subscribers only.Subscribe Nowlast_img read more

Tina Olson Promoted at Cushman & Wakefield | PICOR

first_imgCushman & Wakefield | PICOR announces the March 1st promotion of Tina Olson, RPA FMA, long-time Principal and Commercial Property Manager, to Director of Property Management. After a career of progressive promotions since joining C&W | PICOR in 1994, Olson became a shareholder in 2008. Her internal and external leadership with key client Tucson Medical Center, the PICOR Charitable Foundation, and Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) Greater Tucson paved the way for this new opportunity.Olson takes the helm of Cushman & Wakefield | PICOR’s market leading team, which stewards over four million square feet of office, retail, medical, and industrial space for investors and non-profits in southern Arizona. With seven commercial property managers averaging 15 years of industry experience, the Property Management Division has buying power in the Tucson market as well as depth of expertise to assist local and corporate owners in maximizing their asset value, and taps the resources of Cushman & Wakefield for the benefit of its clients.last_img read more

SAAM Agrees To Acquire 70% of Intertug

first_imgSociedad Matriz SAAM S.A., through its subsidiary SAAM S.A., signed an agreement with the shareholders of Intertug Investment Holding S.A.(“Intertug”), a towage services company operating in Colombia, Mexico and Central America, to acquire 70% of the company. The acquisition will be a combined capital increase and share purchase. Intertug has more than 25 years’ experience providing harbor towage, offshore and special services in Colombia, Mexico and Central America. Its 25-vessel fleet logs more than 18,000 maneuvers a year, generating around US$44 million in towage service revenue annually. “The partnership with Intertug allows us to enter Colombia, one of the fastest growing economies in Latin America, and to reinforce our presence in Mexico and Central America”, remarked SAAM’s CEO, Macario Valdés. Author: Baibhav Mishra The executive also explained that “this transaction is consistent with our growth and internationalization strategy and is complemented by the acquisition of 100% of the operations in Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Panama, and our recently announced entry into El Salvador. Therefore, we will continue to strengthen the service we provide our customers by integrating SAAM Towage’s single operating model and broad coverage with our partners’ recognized experience in the local market”.center_img This agreement is subject to approval from regulatory authorities and compliance of other conditions that are customary for this type of transaction. Sea News, January 20 SAAM Towage continues to consolidate its position as the largest tug operator in the Americas and one of the leading providers in the world; with this purchase, it will operate a fleet of more than 170 tugs in 11 countries.last_img read more

Utah basketball: Utes searching for answers to offensive woes

first_img Utah basketball: Utes blow opportunity to win rare Pac-12 road game, fall by 3 at Washington State SALT LAKE CITY — In the wake of two close losses in the state of Washington, the Utah basketball team is searching for answers to its offensive woes as it prepares for a couple of home games this week.The Utes face USC Thursday night (8 p.m.) and UCLA Saturday afternoon (2 p.m.). In those games, they’ll try to find an offense that was missing in action in two road contests when they managed just 104 total points and shot only 36.1 percent from the field and an atrocious 10.3 percent (3 for 29) from 3-point range.After losing to Washington 59-57 on Wednesday night, the Utes felt they had a great opportunity to beat a short-handed Washington State team on Sunday. However, the Utes shot an abysmal 29.5 percent from the field and 14.3 percent (2 of 14) from 3-point range. Ironically, the Utes came into the game as the best-shooting team in the Pac-12.Coach Larry Krystkowiak called his offense “sluggish” and “out of sync” after Sunday’s loss and said the Utes have a lot of work to do to get it fixed.“I don’t really have an answer for it,’’ said forward Jordan Loveridge. He acknowledged that being on the road might have affected the Utes’ shooting, saying, “Maybe a little bit. We practice every day countless hours shooting in our own gym.’’Loveridge also said the Utes need to improve their overall offensive game.“We shouldn’t have to live and die by the 3,’’ he said. “I feel we have more to our game.’’Brandon Taylor, who was coming off his best game as a Ute when he scored 23 points, including 5-of-6 shooting from 3-point range against Oregon State, especially struggled on the road. It was a trip to forget for Taylor, who shot just 2 for 18 from the field and 0 for 9 from 3-point range in the two games.“We need to put this one behind us and move on to the next game, which is USC,’’ Taylor said.USC comes into the game as the only winless team in the Pac-12 at 0-3. The Trojans lost 73-53 to No. 1-ranked Arizona Sunday after losing to Arizona State 79-60 and UCLA 107-73 the week before. USC is 9-7 overall with a loss to Utah State in Logan earlier this season.Utah’s four losses this year have come by a grand total of nine points.“We’ve lost our share of these close games,’’ said Krystkowiak. “Everybody needs to look in the mirror and figure out what they can do to play a part of it and as a coach I’ve got a job to put us in position to be more successful.’’NOTES: Junior guard Delon Wright ranks in the top five in the Pac-12 in five statistical categories — field goal percentage (first), assists (fifth), steals (second), blocked shots (fifth) and assist-to-turnover ratio (fifth). He’s also 11th in scoring and 14th in rebounding. … Renan Lenz, who lost his starting job three games ago, played just two minutes Sunday before going out with a severely sprained ankle. He is unlikely to play this week. … Utah ranks second in the Pac-12 in attendance with an average of 9,551 fans on the season. Relatedcenter_img Utes can’t execute in the clutch — againlast_img read more

West Kootenay Glacier Challenge tops $125K to help fight MS

first_imgAt this rate MS (Multiple sclerosis) has not chance of surviving.Almost 90 riders took to the highways in and around Nelson, Slocan, New Denver and Kaslo to raise more than $125,000 at the West Kootenay Glacier Challenge this past weekend.”So far this year we have raised over $125,000,” said organizer Leona Dimock. “And our five-year total is approximately $470,000.”Dimock said there was a total of 93 fundraiser, to which 88 rode the 222 kilometer course from New Denver to Nelson Saturday, and then onto Kaslo before concluding the challenge in New Denver Sunday. Top Fundraiser is Richard James of New Denver with over $14,000 in cash raised.Top team was the Rear Guard contingent of Jim and Nancy Noiles, Doug Noiles, P’Nina Shames and Lorne Westnedge.The team raised more than $20,000 to garner The Nelson Daily prize for the top fundraising team.Approximately 70 percent of the riders come from the West Kootenays with the rest of the participant coming from the East Kootenays, Central BC, the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island, Alberta, and one from Ontario.last_img read more

Ferrari head pushed out after 23 years

first_img0Shares0000ROME, September 10- Ferrari, a byword for flashy sports cars, hit rough ground Wednesday with the shock announcement that its president of 23 years, Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, has been pushed out after a boardroom split.Just days after saying he wanted to stay, Montezemolo — who has been dogged by six years of Formula One racing failure — announced he will be stepping down on October 13. The top job at the Italian Ferrari luxury sports car company will be taken over by the head of parent group Fiat, Sergio Marchionne.A press conference held by Montezemolo and Marchionne was announced for Wednesday afternoon.Ferrari is the biggest and most glamourous name in Formula One racing, competing on the Grand Prix circuit with huge success since it started in 1950, and the team’s logo of a black stallion against a red background is instantly recognised by motorsport fans around the world.But the brand’s poor performance over the past six years, combined with recent clashes in strategy between Montezemolo and Fiat, had led racing watchers to tip his likely exit.The decision not to appoint Montezemolo to the new board of the merged Fiat Chrysler Automobiles also suggested the Italian businessman was on the way out.“Our desire to see Ferrari express its full potential on the track led to certain mutual misunderstandings that were voiced publicly this weekend,” Marchionne said in a statement Wednesday.“I want to personally thank Luca for everything he has done for Fiat, for Ferrari, and for myself,” he said.Ferrari is a subsidiary of the Fiat Group which Montezemolo, aged 67, chaired from 2004 until 2010.His 23 years at the wheel of Ferrari saw the team’s drivers win the Formula One title six times, but the last title came in 2007 and the team has struggled since then to compete on the track with the likes of Red Bull and Mercedes.– ‘No-one is indispensable’ –On Saturday, Montezemolo had publicly stated he wanted to spend another three years in the job.Marchionne was also quoted at the weekend saying no changes in Ferrari’s management were planned while adding, “No-one is indispensable”.“Montezemolo’s business record is very good but in the case of Ferrari, a leader must also be judged on sporting results,” he had said.Concerns over Ferrari’s future under the Italian aristocrat were also raised in June after he said he may pull his team out of Formula One because it “isn’t working”, and suggested the firm may switch to sports-car competition.Scuderia Ferrari has longstanding disputes with Formula One governing body the Federation International d’Automobile (FIA), and Montezemolo expressed frustration with recent changes in F1 rules, saying new environmentally friendly policies were taking the excitement out of the sport.His suggestion that the most iconic brand in motorsport could leave Formula One sent shockwaves through the sport.He was also said to have clashed with Marchionne over sales strategies.While Montezemolo reportedly hoped to keep the red and black brand exclusive by limiting sales to some 7,000 cars a year, Marchionne has been pushing for Ferrari to help Fiat Chrysler move into the premium end of the car market.On Monday Montezemolo was quoted by Italy’s best-selling daily Il Corriere della Sera telling aides that “Ferrari is now American”, which meant “the end of an era.”At midday trading, Fiat shares were up 2.08 percent to 7.85 euros on the Milan stock market.Fiat said Montezemolo would leave the job at his own request at the end of celebrations marking the 60th anniversary of the company’s presence in the United States.“An era is ending, and I have decided to leave the presidency after 23 marvelous and unforgettable years,” Montezemolo said in a separate statement.0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today)last_img read more

Beat the heat

first_imgAgainst The Tide RaftingUnless you’re heading to the Himalayan climes, it’s not too often that you can go rafting during your summer holidays in Maharashtra. But the dam-controlled River Kundalika offers just that. The river provides a 14 km-long stretch with a total of 11 rapids (a mix of Grade,Against The Tide RaftingUnless you’re heading to the Himalayan climes, it’s not too often that you can go rafting during your summer holidays in Maharashtra.But the dam-controlled River Kundalika offers just that. The river provides a 14 km-long stretch with a total of 11 rapids (a mix of Grade 2 and 3 rapids), which take around two-and-a-half hours to cover. It’s cradled in the Sahyadri mountains, making it a picturesque site for a scenic getaway as well. The clear water froths and foams as you raft down the hills. For those who want more aqua fun, Kundalika Rafting Camp offers many other activities such as kayaking, flying fox and night trekking. And if you plan to stay the night, do opt for the outdoor barbeque session.Getting there Drive to the site via Chandani Chowk, Pirangut and Vile Phata until you reach Saje village. Cost Rs 2,190 onwards per person for an overnight trip Accommodation Kundalika Rafting Camp is two kms from the end point of the rafting site. Tel 9272882874 Website kundalikarafting.inChill Out Weekend getawayEscape from the city to the relatively cooler climes of Lavasa if a quick holiday is on your mind. For the next two months, till the end of June, this hill city, an hour-and-a-half’s drive from Pune, offers a variety of day-long and weekend getaway packages. There’s something for everyone here-scenic beauty, nature trails, adventure activities and water sports for those who want outdoorsy fun; a golf course for sports lovers and a spa for those who are longing for tender loving care.advertisementWith the mercury rising fast, you can also opt for water sports-aqua volleyball and basketball, bumper boat rides or fun time at the splash pad at Lakeshore. Adventure lovers can go to XThrill, which has archery and ATV rides. The Karvi Spa promises to leave you refreshed and rejuvenated with foot and back massages and facials in the comfort of the luxurious spa. Cost Packages range from Rs 499 to Rs 999 for boat rides and water sports At 37 kms from Pune Website Lavasa.comSkill Enhancement WorkshopsBored of the same old painting and drawing camps for children that happen at neighbourhood homes every summer? Enrol your little champs for an interesting and fun workshop that promises to enhance their understanding and skills at Cedarwood Afterschool Programmes. The workshops are designed for children between the age of two and 16 with different topics for every age group. Even the basic art and crafts workshops for toddlers is with a difference-the children are taught to use their creativity with waste material instead of a new canvas and paint box.For older children, there’s a wildlife conservation workshop, an understanding of the Shakespearian play Merchant of Venice and a class on creative writing with ample amount of games, storytelling techniques and worksheets, making it interactive and engaging for the young minds. For those who want to learn their dance steps early, Cedarwood also has a Latin Dance workshop, a mix of the salsa, rumba and cha cha cha moves. The workshops are conducted by experienced teachers. At Row House Number 6, Kalpana Villa, Dutta Mandir chowk, Viman Nagar Tel 9579999100 Website Screen Skin CareHair It’s tempting to jump in for a swim, but the heat and swimming pool chlorine strips the hair of its natural oils, leaving behind dry strands. So, drench your hair in clear water before a swim and buy shampoos and conditioners that say ‘moisturising’ or ‘hydrating’ on the label and slather ample products with UV filters. Face What you eat shows on your face. So, cut down on sugar and refined foods. Gorge on salads and steamed vegetables and choose from a rainbow of fruit and vegetable colours to ensure you’re getting all the antioxidants and nutrients your skin needs.Also, exfoliate, tone and hydrate. It removes dead skin, prevents congestion and hydrates skin. Go for a facial once a month to keep the skin supple. Feet Vacations mean jobs, sidewalk sales, playing on the beach. For tired feet, soak them in ice water for 15 minutes and pat dry with a towel. Rub a tennis ball from your heel up to your toes, spending extra time massaging the tensed muscles. Take deep breaths while you roll to help oxygenate and relax your muscles. It’s important to exfoliate feet as well.Use a pumice stone or foot file on the dry spots to gently ease away the calluses. If your feet are extra dry, you may have to do this everyday for a few days. After you’re done, rub a lotion over the dry patches of your feet to allow your skin to re-absorb moisture. Tips by Kaveeta Pol and Prajakta Gupta of Cologne Spa.advertisementTake A Plunge Pool PartyDon’t hide away from the sun and stay indoors this summer. Instead, step out for a fun, splashy pool party, an afternoon of playing in the water, music, coolers and food. The O Hotel rolls out a party at its rooftop pool every Sunday with live music by the city’s popular DJs such as Abhishek, Yusuf and Vaggy who play different genres every weekend. When you’re done splashing around in the water, sip on the refreshing summer coolers and cocktails churned out by the hotel’s bartenders.Pair your drinks with their lip-smaking finger food and snacks to keep you going between playing with your pals in the pool. The brunch buffet is a multi-cuisine spread that wraps up the Sunday afternoon. If you don’t want to get into the pool, then take a table that offers a view of the surrounding Koregaon Park area. They have different packages that include either only beer or all spirits. Cost Rs 1,499 onwards At North Main Road, Koregaon Park Tel 9503000023Scoop To Chill Ice Cream Making ClassesBe it engaging the children in the kitchen or mixing fresh fruits into frozen delights for friends, churning homemade ice creams is a fun summer activity. But if you need lessons to get the consistency and taste right, enrol for Rajul’s Cookery Classes where the home chef and teacher Rajul Sanghavi will show you how to whip up a variety of frozen goodies-ice creams, sundaes, thick shakes and flavoured frozen yogurts. While the hands-on classes focus on the basic flavours such as fig and honey, strawberry, mango and mocha, Sanghavi has handy tips on how you can add a hint of creativity to your creations.Drizzle kiwi syrup on mango ice cream or serve strawberry and mango scoops together with chocolate cigars-she’ll help you with ideas to make your desserts innovative. In the business of cookery classes for over 17 years, Sanghavi also conducts bakery classes. She specialises in eggless cupcakes, cookies, and cakes. But if you’re bored of savouring the same fresh fruit cones of your neighbourhood ice cream parlour, then enrol for her classes for some DIY desserts. Cost Rs 900 Time 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. At 1343, Sanghavi Bungalow, Opposite Jain Temple, Shivaji Nagar. Tel 2553 4733 Website rajulscookeryclasses.comRaise The BarSummer CocktailsGanne ka juice is a superb cooler but ever tried pouring it into a made-to-order margarita? With a dash of mint and a pinch of rock salt, this tequila and sugarcane cocktail is a delicious way to cool your parched throat in the summer months. And to add spice to summertime eating out, Punjab Grill is whipping up a number of cocktails and coolers by bringing together unusual flavours.So, if you want to get adventurous with the tequila, there’s the Rasbhari Margarita with a base of cape gooseberry; rum lovers will relish the Rimzim Old Monk, almost a taste of nostalgia as the drink has flavours of yesteryear’s rock salt-flavoured fizzy drink.The Mele Di Chuski is sure to remind you of the milk ice candies but this one’s a vodka-based drink infused with different flavours. We’d surely go for a second round of the Ganne Ka Juice Margarita but if you’d prefer a non-alcohol cooler, then ask for the Pineapple Thandai with its subtle flavours. Cost Rs 225 onwards At Punjab Grill, S-51, Phoenix Market City, Viman Nagar Tel 66890610advertisementlast_img read more


first_imgWith the pool matches and quarterfinals completed in the Mens, Womens and Mixed Open competition, tomorrow will see exciting action in the semis and finals. For the 20 years Men and Women today was the finish of a tough three days, that has seen them play eight games in three days, with their finals beginning tomorrow. Mens Open: In the Mens quarterfinals the Gold Coast Sharks and Brisbane City Cobras cruised through to their semis with wins 5-0 and 10-1 over the Sydney Rebels and the Sydney Scorpions respectively. The Sunshine Coast Razorbacks and the Sydney Mets are also through to the semi finals, although their results were a little tighter. The Razorbacks defeated the Southern Suns 4-3 and the Sydney Mets defeated the Tropical Queensland Cyclones 6-5. Womens Open: In the Womens Open competition, all four quarterfinals were relatively easy wins. The Gold Coast Sharks continued their unbeaten run with a dominant 9-2 win over the Southern Cross Barbarians. The semi between the Brisbane City Cobras and the Sydney Mets is expected to be extremely tight, with opinions divided as to who will come out on top. Mixed Open: The Brisbane City Cobras had a tight 4-2 quarter final victory over the Southern Suns but face tough opposition in the semi against favourites the Sydney Mets. The Sydney Mets had a very easy 13-1 quarter final victory over the Sunshine Coast Razorbacks. The Sydney Rebels snuck through 5-4 over the Sydney Scorpions, while the Gold Coast Sharks made it through with a 7-0 win over the Barbarians. Mens 20 years: The last two rounds of competition were varied with everything from an 18-1 win to two 2-2 draws. The 2-2 draw in the final round between top placed Sydney Mets and the Brisbane City Cobras sets up a close final day of competition. Womens 20 years: The Hunter-Western Hornets and the Gold Coast Sharks finished top of the Womens 20 years competition with one loss each. The Womens 20 years competition though can take the title of being the most even competition and according to visiting New Zealand National Coaches, “have an incredible depth of talent and look good for the 2005 Youth World Cup.” Results: Mens Open- Quarter Finals QF1: Gold Coast Sharks def Sydney Rebels: 5-0 QF2: Brisbane City Cobras def Sydney Scorpions: 10-1 QF3: Sunshine Coast Razorbacks def Southern Suns: 4-3 QF4: Sydney Mets def Tropical Queensland Cyclones: 6-5 SF1 Tuesday 16th 12:00pm: Gold Coast Sharks vs Sydney Mets SF2 Tuesday 16th 12:00pm: Brisbane City Cobras vs Sunshine Coast Razorbacks GF Tuesday 16th 5:00pm Womens Open- Quarter Finals QF1: Gold Coast Sharks def Southern Cross Barbarians: 9-2 QF2: Sydney Mets def Hunter-Western Hornets: 9-1 QF3: Brisbane City Cobras def Sunshine Coast Razorbacks: 8-1 QF4: Southern Suns def Sydney Rebels: 5-2 SF1 Tuesday 16th 11:00am: Gold Coast Sharks vs Southern Suns SF2 Tuesday 16th 11:00am: Sydney Mets vs Brisbane City Cobras GF Tuesday 16th 4:00pm Mixed Open- Quarter Finals QF1: Brisbane City Cobras def Southern Suns: 4-2 QF2: Sydney Mets def Sunshine Coast Razorbacks: 13-1 QF3: Sydney Rebels def Sydney Scorpions: 5-4 QF4: Gold Coast Sharks def Southern Cross Barbarians: 7-0 SF1 Tuesday 16th 10:00am: Brisbane City Cobras vs Sydney Mets SF2 Tuesday 16th 11:00am: Sydney Rebels vs Gold Coast Sharks GF Tuesday 16th 3:00pm Mens 20 years- Round 8: Sunshine Coast Razorbacks def Northern Eagles: 7-2 Gold Coast Sharks def Crusaders: 9-4 Brisbane City Cobras def Sydney Rebels: 16-1 Sydney Mets def Southern Suns: 2-1 Tropical Queensland Cyclones: Bye Round 9: Gold Coast Sharks def Northern Eagles: 6-3 Southern Suns def Crusaders: 11-3 Sydney Mets drew Brisbane City Cobras: 2-2 Tropical Queensland Cyclones def Sunshine Coast Razorbacks: 2-2 Sydney Rebels: Bye SF1 Tuesday 16th 10:00am: SF2 Tuesday 16th 10:00am: GF Tuesday 16th 2:00pm: Womens 20 years- Round 8 Sunshine Coast Razorbacks def Crusaders: 7-4 Southern Suns def Tropical Queensland Cyclones: 5-4 Sydney Mets def Gold Coast Sharks: 3-2 Hunter-Western Hornets def Brisbane City Cobras: 7-5 Sydney Rebels: Bye Round 9: Hunter-Western Hornets def Southern Suns: 7-3 Sydney Mets def Crusaders: 6-3 Sydney Rebels Tropical Queensland Cyclones: 2-2 Gold Coast Sharks def Brisbane City Cobras: 5-0 Sunshine Coast Razorbacks: Bye SF1 Tuesday 16th 9:00am: Hunter-Western Hornets vs Southern Suns SF2 Tuesday 16th 9:00am: Gold Coast Sharks vs Sydney Mets GF Tuesday 16th 1:00pm: Media Contact: Rachel Moyle, 042 223 3165last_img read more