Sneak Peek: Custom Ridley Helium Flandrien w/ Tour Yellow SRAM Red

first_imgJust got the following little story in from Ridley’s U.S. folks along with these gorgeous photos:We’re all in the final rush towards Interbike. Demo bikes are built and shipped, the show booth has been designed, built, torn down, packed and shipped, parts for show bikes have been sourced and the bikes have been built and are happily on their way to Las Vegas in the back of a big truck.Once the dust started to settle, we were looking around and Todd had an idea: “How about we build the Helium Flandrien with a SRAM limited Tour edition, the colors would match and it would look awesome.”Sounds like a great idea except that:a) we did not have a frame andb) the kit was not available from SRAMA couple of phone calls later, we had a frame on its way and we were “pretty sure” that we could get a kit in time. Then we waited… patiently….Last Monday, the frame arrived.Then, on Tuesday, SRAM came through with the kit.The results are in the attachments. I think it came out OK.Another photo after the break…last_img read more